password box

enter your unwanted acounts in here


                                  ps. it’s not my fault if you get banned


20 Responses

  1. listen if your going to comment you can atleast read the ones i give you
    eg tompot101112
    pAsS:THOMAS ThIs Is ReAl

  2. still me LOL

  3. hey ect, how come the pass is wrong on that comment

  4. ok
    my name is bacon707 and my pass is geera

  5. honestly u think i would give bacon707 away 😆

  6. Dart sorry it is thomas and this comment is verry late

  7. whats thomas?

  8. the pass of the peng and my name

  9. this is my friends old account it is

    name:ARIEL PEMI

    password:ariel pemi

  10. yo,Im giving away many!name:flamingrecca pass:recca hanabishi name:girlie9998 pass:lancegab name:Sexyjutsuboy pass:naruto uzumaki

  11. Does anyone have any old penguins?

  12. i have another 1 it is my mates aswell he has tuns of penguins he has like 50 penguins
    name:ninja 705

    pass:ninja 705

  13. Oh that one isn’t very old like a beta 😦

  14. im 210 im not that old

  15. im 210 i know icy fevaars pass it is

    name:icy fevaar

    pass:icy fevaar

  16. 😦 I wish a really old penguin would be unwanted… I’m 540 days old.

  17. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone knew Billybob’s pass?

  18. HELLOOOOOOOO!?!!!!!!

  19. i have one
    name: jordantovey

    pass: Jordan1

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