Funny Pictures&Animations

Soccer Jersey Imagesurf.gifDazzle Text

Im getting dizzy (credit to Toronto)spinnypicture62fs5.gif

the mirror did say i was stupid

tompot the rip offi wish

how did i get up here

tompot123 wet his pants

im a beta(edit)

look out for….. turtlezoid

wheres the puck

never eat at the pizza parlor the staff never wash there hands

I Still Can’t Hear It, Turn It Up


i don’t want anyone copying OK! if i find out you do im reporting you to wordpress

you’ll just have to click the link for now it worked!

You Need To Click This One

more coming soon



6 Responses

  1. iis kinda funny how did he get there i’ll give you the cheat as well and to anyone who reads this
    here it is

    1. log on to club penguin you can go on ethier one of them
    2. click on the zoom in thing in the corner go on custom zoom
    3. type in 1000 then click ok then scroll down then across the page
    4. where its black make sure your as high as you can go with out going off the page
    5. then click there where you want your penguin and DONE!!!!

  2. hello were are my comments

  3. lol!! 😆

  4. LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. heyah everyone i moved the animationz page to the funny pictures

  6. hahaha That was so funny! 😆

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