Hey everyone i QUIT!!! clubpenguin is gay it banned ect flipper and tompot123 FOREVER thats like two years of me playing and what do i get for it NOTHING!! 😦 and my hit counter after 4 months of me not updating the site my hits have gone up like 150 Its either this site is **** or my url needs changing. think of all the poplular penguins that have quit because of DISNEY!?!?! and that is one of the resons im quiting So im gonna start a new site on Call of duty4 Modern Warfare + Modern warfare 2 On Xbox ~~~~TOM~~~~ Signing out fOrEvEr


Raise awarness for Madaline Mccan

Yes,everyone know the horror of Madaline , and we all wish she would come home. Since Club Penguin is now a very big thing , maybe someone knows where she is? and plays? So i am asking all penguins to raise awairness of Madaline mccan! If you want to come along please do , and if u know something tell us or report it to the cops, please come along.The more penguins we get with us the more it will raise awairness for her! Please come along! here are the details:

Saterday 7th February,


12:21pm PST,

We will start at the cove then work our way around the island 20 minutes in each room. Please copy this and comment or post this on as many sites as you can!

 ———————————————————– copy above this line!

thank you for your help! yours faithfully Sorcerersean

bambadee is real

yes finally club penguin have released bambadee but they dont want crowds so they made a different account bambadee3296 , i had a similar account but it was called bambadee3274 , and well he only can add ppl if they have a friendship bracelet.

so now u know the secret , but also like rh if he says ur name then hes not a bot.

he is found most the time near the migrator. he mostly comes out when rh is here but has been known to go on on parties!




The New Pin

Its In The Forest And Its A Blue Snowshovele WOW! Clubpenguin Are LAZY Theres A Red Snowshovle And A Blue One Mabey There Getting Too Carried Away With This Ninja Thing Anyway Heres The pIc



Im Back

but not for long. tompot and fliper are both non members??? so theres not much point playing cp anymore im tired of disney(there gay) im tired of cp  im never on anymore i have an xbox360 now and my live gamertag is lordlytomaz. im a member on runescape but im not on that pice of crap much and i just want to get on with life also my laptops as slow as hell so i can’t make vids or animations because hypercam and what ever i use for animations can’t remember but i have jing on the computer so at least that works and its 8:00 in wales so i cant really update now because of a ton of news i dont know what to say now so tompot signing out


do u wanna join?

hi im making a new cp band and its called the cool penguin rock stars ( the cprs for short ) and i need two more players , a DJ and a guitarist , if u wanna do it thanks!


the official site is the http://cprs.wordpress.com see it!

anyway bye!!!:) sorcerersean

is this the new party hat???

hi evryone well i hope u like the new catolog! its awesome and it only this month! maybe you should spoil yourself and get a new igloo ! anyway i have found a new discovery! i think i know what the party hat is…….

click here:


and see it , also at time square , new york there is a celebration for cps 3rd anniversary im in england ( UK rocks! ) so i cant see it , also rhs here! hes awesome unlucky for some he has bought yet another old item! o well there is two costumes and a new tresure island thing !

anyway have fun!