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8 Responses

  1. I love your website!

    I would love if I could join!

  2. Ok Send Me an E-mail with your username and password so i can ban you forver just kidding 😆 ok mabey just you username so we can meet on fjord 4 0’clock CPST
    what do you want to be
    1. a adminastrator
    2. a contributor
    3. a editor
    4. a author

    P.s you need a account on wordpress
    pp.s p.s stands for post script

  3. hey i love this site it is better than mimo777’s website
    would you mind if i join this site

  4. you are the same age as me

  5. read my last comment 🙂

  6. I am older than you tompot.

  7. anyone know anyone else who is older than me? im 13…in 2 months ill be 14. lol let me know 😉 o and umm flipper wat happened to dart? well tell me later maybe? ok cya ~Tessa10293~

  8. Cooooooooll!!!!!!!!!

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