Raise awarness for Madaline Mccan

Yes,everyone know the horror of Madaline , and we all wish she would come home. Since Club Penguin is now a very big thing , maybe someone knows where she is? and plays? So i am asking all penguins to raise awairness of Madaline mccan! If you want to come along please do , and if u know something tell us or report it to the cops, please come along.The more penguins we get with us the more it will raise awairness for her! Please come along! here are the details:

Saterday 7th February,


12:21pm PST,

We will start at the cove then work our way around the island 20 minutes in each room. Please copy this and comment or post this on as many sites as you can!

 ———————————————————– copy above this line!

thank you for your help! yours faithfully Sorcerersean


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