The New Pin

Its In The Forest And Its A Blue Snowshovele WOW! Clubpenguin Are LAZY Theres A Red Snowshovle And A Blue One Mabey There Getting Too Carried Away With This Ninja Thing Anyway Heres The pIc




Im Back

but not for long. tompot and fliper are both non members??? so theres not much point playing cp anymore im tired of disney(there gay) im tired of cp  im never on anymore i have an xbox360 now and my live gamertag is lordlytomaz. im a member on runescape but im not on that pice of crap much and i just want to get on with life also my laptops as slow as hell so i can’t make vids or animations because hypercam and what ever i use for animations can’t remember but i have jing on the computer so at least that works and its 8:00 in wales so i cant really update now because of a ton of news i dont know what to say now so tompot signing out


do u wanna join?

hi im making a new cp band and its called the cool penguin rock stars ( the cprs for short ) and i need two more players , a DJ and a guitarist , if u wanna do it thanks!


the official site is the see it!

anyway bye!!!:) sorcerersean