is this the new party hat???

hi evryone well i hope u like the new catolog! its awesome and it only this month! maybe you should spoil yourself and get a new igloo ! anyway i have found a new discovery! i think i know what the party hat is…….

click here:

and see it , also at time square , new york there is a celebration for cps 3rd anniversary im in england ( UK rocks! ) so i cant see it , also rhs here! hes awesome unlucky for some he has bought yet another old item! o well there is two costumes and a new tresure island thing !

anyway have fun!




sos this is late! AGAIN lol

hi sos this is late , but here it is all of those really secret secrets in the new catolog

the black superheroe mask is back!

and the GOLDEN viking helmet is back!

sos its not all of them but my mate licky looloo (Shes makin a site too ) and shes really called Rebecca , yes jordan she is makin one , anyway she STOLE my ideas for comics but now she does stories so when her site is up ill put it on here!