Once Again Guys You’ve Stopped Me From Quitting


new catolog!

hi its me sorcerersean I CAN TAKE PICYS AGAIN ! anyway heres the new catolog:

thats it o yea the new pin is the 150th newspaper in the boiler room!

anyway KEEP THE HIT COMIN! So tompot doesnt quit!!!
ill do my bit but will u?



its finished

hi its sorcerersean here and well it ova BUT the soccer or in england we call it football and i know its not just england kk im oficially CONFUSED but heres a sneek preview of the new furni catolog !


looks like a stool a fire place a circular couch and a coffee / soda machine …. coooooooolllll!!!!!!!!! man this is gonna be awesome! also DONT FORGET the 150th newspaper is tommorrow and ill be tellin u uys the secrets (hopefully) theres a rumour that there is a game that if u complete it u get COINS! cool

Tompot123-Wow I Didn’t Know You Lived Int The Uk Too. Where In England Cos I Live In Wales, Cardiff

Packing Up

Alright Nobody(Cos No One Visits My Site) Im Packing Up(quiting in other words) But This Blog Will Stay Active I Will Not Quit Club Penguin Only Blogging The Reson Is I Can’t Be Bothered To Post(Yawn) Im Tired All The Time .

And Reason 2 IS Because No one At all But My Authors Visit Mabey x10 If I Get 2000 Hits I Might Just Not Well QUIT

150th issue!!!

hi its sorcerersean well here is the real good stuff

150th issue page!kk then i cant get picys??? but o well heres the link to the newspaper!

Click Here

its good sos about the picys bye!!!:)


hi evrybody!

hi its sorcerersean im shocked at the least of posts:O OMG i said then a yeti killed me ….. joke i just took that out ov a book hehehe anyway basically its the last day of the penguin games heres some picys!

click here ( the coffee shop ) to get the red face paint

there hehehe GO RED!

yea BOO! BLUES hehehe!

hehehe naw heres the real picy!:
BOO! Anyway here r all the rooms!


cant be bovered to post ill update later sos evryone!



Treasure Hunt!

ok this game is kinda like a “special game”……well u know in a way. because u can only play this game when rockhopper comes. it is a rather easy to learn and play game, its a really fun game its only a 2 player game also(like connect four) but other people can watch u play treasure hunt. BUT no one could play the game untill maybe a couple of hours ago……i believe there was a bug. and im sure the club penguin team began working on that right away….or did they?? lol, who knows.

but anyway heres a picture.lots of people seem to enjoy this game although its more of a fun game instead of a money making game. also when u see a emerald shape go after it first!!! (its worth 100 coins!) they dont mention it in the “How To Play” instructions, so i guess its a bonus.

*actually the Club Penguin Team made some new updates to the game, SO there may be some new hidden/bonus jewels in the game.*

**click on that to see bigger version**

yea well thats all i have right now. CYA later ~Tessa10293~