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RH Returns And New Sports Catalog

First RH

Now the sports catalog

 I made a animation much it hlps alot 😆 lol

(you might needto click on it)


this last animation because of the new sports catalog. The footbal stuff

Mumbles banned for eva

nooooo plz contact club penguin to unnbann him

Rh’s Coming

L00k in the light house telescope. He’s coming tomorrow according to the newspaper

New Mission

credit to mike92.wordpress.comi can’t do the mission i’ll try

misson 8


Hey guys,bacon here.And if you all went on my site yesterday i did the mission walkthrough.Today I will do the walkthrough,:


1.Talk to g

2.Go to dock

3.put the lantern in your inventory

4.Go down the hole

5.talk to g

6.go to the town

7.go to the snow forts

8.go to the plaza and talk to the penguin line for the play

9.go to pizza parlor and get the pizza for the penguin

10.give the man a pizza and get the newspaper

11.go to the beach and get the net under the fish

12.go inside the lighthouse and get the baloons

13.go to the gadget room now get the blue helium pump,the hat behind g ,and the hammer next to the wrench

14.go to the coffee shop and help the man clean up the cookies then ask him for a cookie

15.go to the town and put the brown hat on the puffle,then give the puffle a cookie

16.take the paper and drag it to the other half

17.go in the cave and follow the directions on the map you collected

18.after that go to the gift shopand click the baloons and drag one to the heium machine,so you will have a full baloon

19.go to the gift shop and get the pegs

20.go to the town and drag the baloon behind the gift shop,put the net under the gift shop,throw the pegs on the ground,and hammer them to the ground

21.go back to the cave and follow the directions of the paper again

22.enter the room straight ahead

23.talk to that bad bad bad polar bear lol

24.fix the boiler

25.go to the hq

26.talk to g

This was a very fun mission and i can not wait till the next one.Remember I was one of the first people out there to post a walkthrough about this,none of my buddys        bacon(not edible)707