club penguin big screen sever testing item

Hiya pengs! The ‘Big Screen’ feature launched today! When you visit the screen to play club penguin is much bigger now. There isn’t a way to resize it on   but there is another way:

1. Go to which always used to be big screen.

2. Restore down the window:

(for Windows Xp)

(for Windows Vista)

3. You can now resize the screen, causing club penguin to resize too!

That is the only way you can do it. Hopefully, a new easier way will be found! Keep checking back on our site for information about the New Club Penguin Features and for Club Penguin Secrets, Cheats, Hints, Glitches!!

Also, what do you think the item we will get for testing club penguin will be? This was the second time club penguin was testing servers! The first time they did this, you could get a black togue! Maybe now, you can get another color of toque? Or maybe it means the return of the pink toque? You could buy it in an old clothing catalog, so not a lot of penguins have it! Comment what you think! ;)



if i’ll get 100 hits i’ll be haveing a party in ect flipper’s igloo so keep looking i need my party get freinds to come and it will be on the map everyones invited say sup flipper if u want to be my buddy it will be on the sever mammoth or fjord if full 4:00 clock till 5:00 sorry if you can’t make it i might change it im not complety sure on that one i will say when i do get 100 hits

i found RH’s key

4ta3(click to enlarge)

heres a pic of me in rh’s room

I’ve found the key! It’s at the back of Rockhopper’s Journal in the Library in the Book Room (2nd floor of Coffee Shop). You can also wear the Key like a pin!

To play Treasure Hunt, you basically have to work with your partner by digging vertically or horizontally for treasure. Any shines in the sand mean there’s treasure underneath. All treasure completely exposed at the end will be yours. This reminds me tremendously of the treasure game in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

If you’re having trouble finding a game to play, go to an empty server, stand by a match, wait for it to end, and immediately enter it.

There is also a 2nd new room. Click the arrow on the Mast and it’ll bring you up to the Crow’s Nest, which has a powerful cannon.

my brother on cp

omg its mumble2925 im mumble2425  im sad he removed me from his buddy list 😥

i have updated some of the pages

pins GONE

funny pics updated with very funny ones

and updated some of the swfs

and my new page filling in the pin page find tompot123 or ect flipper

here’s the vid how to use cp money maker

yay it works and i finaly go the hang of hypercam

here’s the mission7

sorry its so late and i haven’t been posting lately its because im haveing problems with the internet anyway heres it is you need to have finished mission 5 & 6 before you do this there underneth but there vids

Hi! The new mission is finally out! Go to the H.Q., and click the new Icon (In replacement from the old icon):

The new mission is called Clock Tower Repairs.

Mission Walk Through:

1. Talk to G, Look at the Screen, you will see that the polar Bear did it.

2. Go to the dock, and talk to the penguins were blue Jersey’s.

3. Tell them you need the target. They will make you prove that you are worthy by making you through snowballs at the target 3 times. If you miss, try again.

4. Talk to the Yellow penguin on the beach, he will tell you that yellow puffles can make everything! (While you are there, get the Bucket) Knowing that, go to the Petshop, and talk to the penguin with a “I love my puffle” tea shirt.

5. He will tell you that there are none in right now, and to search for one in the wild, he says the he heard of one living at the stage, of course. (Don’t go there until later)

6. Go to the town and talk to the penguin with the red propeller hat on, get the picture of the gear from him.

7. Go back to the H.Q. and click the Magnet in the cage.

8. Put in the code “Key”. It will unlock, click it and drag it to your inventory.

9.Go into the Gadget Room, and get the Safety Raft.

10. Go to the Ice Burg, and using your magnet, get the frozen spring.

11. Go back to the dock, and give the blue penguins the Safety Raft that you have, as a replacement to what they gave you.

12. Go to the snow forts, and fill up the bucket with snow.

13. Go to the plaza, and then to the pizza shop, and get the music sheet lying next to the piano.

14. Go to the stage, and click the piano.

15.Put the music sheet up on the piano. And play the colors of the notes. You have now made the puffle happy, and will follow you. Click the arrow out of the piano screen.

16. Give the puffle the picture of the gear, and the bucket of snow. He will then mold the gear.

17. Take the gear, then go to the Gadget Room, put the gear on the:

18. Push the red lever, and choose the “Snow Setting”. Once it is done, click the red lever again, and grab the gear.

19. Put the frozen spring on the same mechine, click the red lever, and set the “Fire Setting”. Push the red lever again. Take the Spring.

20. Go to the snow forts, and click the clock tower. Put everything were it is supposed to be.

(Animation of were everything is supposed to be coming in 5 minutes!)

21. The bear will call you back, saying this is only 1 of the stages of his plan.

22. Collect the medal and you are finnised! the missions are underneth i will post them later